Monthly Archives: March 2010

Taking the Risk to Talk About Your Loss

It is difficult to heal from loss without allowing yourself to mourn, and talk about your grief openly. Author Bill Cushnie explains how sharing your loss with others will help you better understand your own thoughts and feelings.


Guest writer Stephanie K. reflects back on the last 15 years of illness and loss, and can now accept that she, her feelings, and her emotions are all OK.

Turning to Friends to Aid with Grief

After a loss, your friends and family want to help, but don’t necessarily know what to do, nor do they necessarily offer the same support skill sets. Author Patti Cox talks about the three support roles people play, and how it’s important to give your friends/family permission and guidance on how they can help.

Sitting with Grief

Through the stories of Ashley, a teen whose friend committed suicide, and Ben, a teen whose father died of ALS, guest writer Kurt Stiefvater explores the common feelings of guilt and helplessness that come with loss.