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Comfort Zone Camp, Inc. developed to start a discussion about the impact of loss, and how to help grieving persons cope; as well as build a community of support for those living with grief.

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After Losing a Spouse, Surviving Parents Struggle to Cope, Communicate and Get Help For Their Kids
Survey of surviving parents find:

  • 82% agree that loss is “the worst thing that ever happened to me”
  • 69% often worry about how their children are coping
  • Over a quarter at least sometimes avoid talking about their deceased spouse for fear of upsetting their kids

One in Seven Americans Lose a Parent or Sibling Before Age 20
More Americans are grappling with the childhood loss of parents and siblings than may be commonly thought-and its impact is immense and spans well into adulthood, according to a groundbreaking survey released by Comfort Zone Camp.

Women Tend to Bear the Brunt
Experiencing loss as a child takes a tremendous toll on the entire family, but the survey indicates that for women, the effects tend to be more immediate, more profound, and more enduring than they are for men.

Bereavement Survey Results

Exploring Grief’s Landscape: A National Research Perspective
A white paper on the national grief and bereavement research.

General Population Survey: Key Findings
A two page summary of key findings.

General Population Survey Results
Full survey results.

General Population Survey Results – Gender
Compares results by gender.

Press Materials

Comfort Zone Camp Online Press Kit
Includes, About Comfort Zone Camp, About Lynne Hughes, Camper Testimonials, Comfort Zone Camp Brochure, Camp DVD

How Camp Helps
Details of how participating in Comfort Zone Camp provides a place to share stories, receive peer validation, and remember loved ones. Includes quotes from an LCSW and Ph.D.

Hello Grief One Pager
A PDF overview of the Web site, it’s objectives and offerings.

Grief Tip Sheets: Helping the Bereaved
Includes 1) The Surviving Parent: How to Proactively Help Your Grieving Family, 2) Children Grieve Differently: Common Reactions by Age Group, 3) What Grieving Teens Want Parents to Know: Quotes from Teens