April/May 2014 Poll Results

Here’s a look at the April/May 2014 results from the poll question “What time of day do you think of your loved one most?”

61% – All of the time
15% – Middle of the night
11% –  Early evening
9% – Early morning
4% – Mid-day

Head over to the front page and vote on this months question: “How far do you feel you’ve progressed in your journey with grief?”

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  1. Debbie said on June 12, 2014 at 11:53 pm ... #

    My son died 2 months ago. I feel empty, no meaning in life. I have another son and daughter, and 3 grandchildren.

    I feel like an empty shell. I have read the book “journey of souls” and I am now reading “destiny of souls”. Reading these books has helped me more than anything. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has lost a dear loved one.

    My young son was my best friend and my soul mate. I am crushed and I am heartbroken. My son had leukemia. We prayed and prayed for healing, and for my son to survive. That did not happen. I was angry with God to say the least, wondering why God lets these things happen.

    After reading these books, I believe I will be with my son again. That gives me more comfort than anything. I do not want to hear from friends that I should be happy because he is in a better place. That may be so, but I do know that he wanted to live his life, and being with his mother and family, is that not a better place?

    I have a long way to go in my journey with grief. I will never, ever, get over losing my child.

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