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Father’s Day 2015

[1]“My father and best friend passed away when I was 17. Every time I go to a wedding or baby shower, every time I think about milestones in my life I realize over and over that my best friend won’t be here for any of them.”

That memory was shared by Laurin on the Hello Grief Facebook page [2] this week — a thought that many people will encounter through Father’s Day weekend this year. Similar to Mother’s Day a few week’s ago, we collected some articles for you to check out for what will be a difficult day for many.

A Parent’s Most Difficult Task, Sacramento Bee
Remembering my dad honestly is far more useful as my own responsibilities as a father grow more challenging. Read more > [3]

When Grief Darkens Father’s Day, mlive.com
As Father’s Day approaches, not everyone is wondering about whether to get Dad a goofy tie or a fishing lure. Many are wondering how they will get through the day as they mourn for the loss of their father. Read more > [4]

How to Help Bereaved Dads, Huffington Post
In breaking the silence around pregnancy and infant loss, we need to remember that men suffer loss too. Read more > [5]

Every Day Is Father’s Day, Hello Grief archives
For many widows with children, Father’s Day creeps up and pounces on us. Sometimes we just anticipate it with dread – more glaring evidence of what we have lost. Read more > [6]

Father’s Day Without Dad, Hello Grief archives
As an adult, I am now able to appreciate so much more the things that my dad did for me as a child that I was simply too young to recognize at the time. Read more > [7]