March 2013: Grief In The News

Last month we introduced a new feature on Hello Grief that highlights a few stories, columns and articles of interest involving the grief journey. If you see articles that you think should appear in this spot, please email

Here are a few headlines from the past month:

  • Grief and Healing: Will I Ever Recover?
    That hole torn in the universe will not just close back up so that you can go back tonormal. No matter what happens next in your life, it will never be adequate compensation.
  • Grief Pitfall #1: Defending yourself against the Grief Police
    The Grief Police are out there, patrolling, trained in exactly how other people should grieve. … They think they are there to help.
  • Twinning Grief And Hope, A Poet Softens Pain’s Sharp Edge
    Death and birth; grief and hope; fear and elation — these seeming opposites are made of much the same stuff, asserts Kevin Young in his eighth book of poems, which works to wrap itself around the extremes of a father’s death and a son’s birth
  • Grief At The Office
    There doesn’t seem to be much of a plan at any company for when the real grief sets in, during the days that follow when you are back at your desk, shuffling papers, participating in meetings, and answering questions from colleagues who innocently ask, “So where have you been—on vacation?”

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