Grief In The News

This is the third installment of a new monthly feature highlighting recent news articles about grief. If you see articles that you think should appear in this spot, please email

  • HBO shines light on children’s grief, Richmond Times-Dispatch
    As CEO of Comfort Zone Camp … it moves me greatly to know that across the country, millions of children will be provided a voice through this documentary.
  • What suffering does, The New York Times
    Just as failure is sometimes just failure (and not your path to becoming the next Steve Jobs) suffering is sometimes just destructive, to be exited as quickly as possible.
  • Stuffed bears bring comfort, KARE 11 in Minnesota
    What better to bring comfort on days that bring hurt, than a bear hug?
  • Are You Grieving ‘Right’?, The Huffington Post
    To anyone who has experienced anything remotely similar to what our widowed friends have shared, I have just one word for every single one of you: Enough!

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