Grief in the News: December 3

Learning different ways people have overcome their grief can be a great first step in understanding the grieving process. Here are a couple examples of that from this week’s grief in the news.

Following deaths, teen channels grief in music,

Alexander Danieli lost his grandmother in 2011, sending him into a state of depression. The next year he lost a good friend to leukemia, which brought on more pain and sadness. Danieli has learned to manage and cope with his grief through his music, playing the piano and singing songs he has written. [Read more…]

Dear Kate: Living with Grief,

Nancy and Steve Comiskey lost their daughter Kate in November 2004. Her car was crashed into by a man who was under the influence of narcotics and died soon after. 10 years later, Kate’s parents have managed to overcome their grief, even finding meaning and joy in such a terrible tragedy. [Read more…]

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