Grief in the News: July 17

Having support of your loved ones and your community can be comforting when you’re grieving.  Here are a couple headlines regarding communities love and support for those handling grief:

Team supports grieving daughter, The Herald-Dispatch
After the death of her mother, Megan’s softball team has showed her endless support.  With the help of her good friends and her team, she continues to remember her and play soft ball in honor of her mom. [Read more…]

Grieving father asking people to ‘pay-it-forward’ in memory of his daughter,
The father of a teen killed in a car crash last summer is turning his grief into something positive.  A social media campaign launched on the anniversary of Shannon’s death is giving others the opportunity to do good in the community and “Pay-it-forward”. [Read more…]

A year for Bobby,
Losing her husband was not only a traumatic event for Kimberly Hornsby, but for the entire town.  Bobby was killed in the line of duty, making his death the first police fatality in the town in more than 95 years.  Kimberly shares her journey through grief after as it approaches the anniversary of his death. [Read more…]

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