Grief in the News: July 25

When looking for words of advice after the loss of a loved one, help can come from a grief counselor, friend or even someone anonymous.  Here are a couple of headlines that discuss different acts of kindness during the grieving process:

The Edge of Grief: A Summer Reflection, The Huffington Post
Grief counselor, Ellen Frankel, offers grief support groups to those who have lost a loved one.  After being faced with the question, “do we ever get over the pain of loss?” she offers insight and help on life after loss. [Read more…]

The Dragonfly Project gives thoughtful message to those who are grieving,
The Dragonfly Project is making a difference for people who are grieving, by distributing cards and a simple message.  With volunteers donating their time to assemble these cards, those grieving are able to receive simple words of encouragement after the loss of a loved one. [Read more…]

Grieving mother bares soul online after death of 3-year-old son,
A Utah woman who grew up in Houston is using social media as a form of expression after the loss of her 3-year-old son.  Her posts and updates are allowing those from her hometown to not only stay connected but also sympathize from a far. [Read more…]

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  1. Rosemary Andrews said on October 4, 2014 at 8:02 am ... #

    My husband Robert or Bob as he liked to be called died only just over 2 months ago from the after effects of what myeloma cancer can cause .Bob was diagnosed just over 4 years ago he was given 5 to 6 years to live .Last year Bob had an intensive treatment of chemotheraphy which he hated.Bob became seriously ill near christmas and then admitted to hospital where he stayed until returning home in March.I took time off work to care for him ,Bob was having to attend kidney dialysis due to cancer spreading to his kidneys,while Bob was in hospital they found that he had a tumour and bowel cancer .One thing i must stress that Bob carried on regardless of how he was with this cancer it never got him down he was so brave ,manageing on good days to do diy jobs around the home.In early july he became ill again and went back into hospital desperate to return home his doctors allowed him to return home and as dreaded he had yet another problem due to cancer his liver was affected poor Bob he came home from hospital and spent 4 days at home and then on the 5th morning he died on 28th July 2014 aged only 62 years old .Although sometime has passed since his death i miss him every day ,the pain is sometimes unbearable ,the mornings and evenings are the worst the loss of him not being around .At times i can picture him where he used to sit and do his jigsaw puzzles ,I feel his presence although i know that i will never be able to touch him or kiss him again.I still have his wardrobes full of his clothes and shoes ,in his office the computer drawers still full of files of his paperwork,in the bedroom his bedside drawers still full of his personal things.I know that in time i will be able to deal with these things.I kept a few notes in my diary but stopped once Bob came home from hospital .I feel that i am going to start a jpournal of letters to Bob now hes not here i think this will help i found emily clarks letters to her husband Craig and her blog very inspiring and encouraging for me to help keep Bobs spirit alive .I know i have his photos and memories but it still feels hard without him.Love you Bob xxxxxx from your darling wife Rosemary.

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