Grief in the News: July 3

Although everyone copes with grief in different ways, sometimes those experiencing grief find positive and encouraging ways to heal and spread their story.  Here are a few headlines that show how grief can positively impact others:

Volunteers Help Grieving Couple Build Memorial Playground, CBS Minnesota
After a couple lost their child to unknown causes, the decided to use their grief as encouragement to impact the community in a positive way. [Read more…]

How Are Baby Boomers Handling the Death of Their Parents, Huffington Post
Millions of baby boomers are losing their parents every single day.  But the question is, how are they handling it? Jill Smolowe, a baby boomer, offers some advice on how to cope with grief. [Read more…]

Grieving dad wants student heart checks to be required,
Scott Stephens, after losing his son to sudden cardiac death, is trying to prevent other parents from experiencing the same loss he has encountered. [Read more…]

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