Grief in the News: October 29

From understanding how to cope with your grief, to learning the best way’s to help others handle their grief, here are a few headlines from this week’s Grief in the News.

Helping the child cope with the death of a parent,
Helping a child deal with the loss of a parent or sibling can be extremely challenging. This article offers specific ways to help these children by listing key points to remember as well as specific needs that bereaved children will have. [Read more….]

Grieving Edgware parents set up Charlie Charges On to raise money for Brain Tumour Research,
After the death of their 7-year-old son from a brain tumor, Karen Carter and Dean Bates were naturally devastated. After taking nearly four years to heal from their son’s tragic death, they are now ready to have their son’s memory live on. [Read more….]

Supporting a Grieving Person,
It is often very hard for people to help others through the grieving process. This article offers assistance on understanding the grieving process as well as offering tips you can use to help a grieving person. [Read more….]

Amazing Teen Alert! Ryan Volunteers to Raise Money for Grieving Families,
Spending time trying to raise money for grieving families is usually the last thing on the mind of a 14-year-old. However, after already raising $70,000 to help grieving families, Ryan Patrick doesn’t seem to be an average 14-year-old. [Read more…]

Turning grief into good:The parents who are creating something positive out of loss,
Dealing with the loss of a child is something that parents should never have to go through. However, by starting prevention campaigns as well as foundations, these parents are choosing to create a positive out of their loss. [Read more….]

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