Grief in the News: November 12

From understanding just how difficult the grieving process can be for children, to seeing some examples of how children learned to get through and manage their grief, here are a couple of headlines from this week’s Grief in the News.

Responding to children in grief,
For children, learning how to cope and manage their grief can sometimes be extremely challenging. This article offers specific ways to help children understand the grieving process as well as insightful tips that can help them manage their grief. [Read more…]

Loneliness of a grieving child: Where does help come from?
A child dealing with the loss of a loved one can sometimes feel very alone and uncertain about where to turn. Time, support, and healthy habits are often ways many children get through the grieving process. This article discusses the grieving process for children as well as showing specific examples of how a couple of children chose to overcome their grief. [Read more…]

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