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Making Summer Fun Again

[1]Summer is supposed to be a time for sleeping in, daydreaming, and playing outside for hours on end. But the long days can also be a difficult reminder that a loved one is no longer around to share in the fun. Since you and your kids may already be feeling the loss more acutely now, why not take this opportunity to talk about it, and to find new ways to make summer a fun family time?

Here are a few suggestions for discussions and activities that may help you as you work towards finding a new normal for your family’s summer time:

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to handle summer and vacations after the death of a loved one.  You may choose to do the usual family vacation, or you may want to steer towards something entirely new.  What’s most important is that your children feel supported and loved as they find new ways to have fun and enjoy family time. You can to help them see that having fun doesn’t mean they don’t miss their loved one, and that it’s actually a great way to celebrate their memory.  You may be surprised at the wonderful new traditions you build with your children!

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