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As a Result

As a result of what my family has been through since my dad was diagnosed with the brain cancer that took his life only 10 weeks later, I’ve learned that in the face of tragedy people will surprise you.


Personal Growth Following a Loss: One Parent’s Story

Guest author David Roberts reflects on post-traumatic growth and how he came to a place where he could decide to thrive and not just survive following his daughter’s death.


The Things I Keep

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When someone loses a child, they may hang onto items that don’t seem to make sense, or hold any special meaning. Family and friends may need to understand that even the most mundane of items can hold special memories for a parent after their child has died. Guest Author Rachel Reynolds tells us which of her daughter’s seemingly random belongings will likely always have space in her home.


The Tigger In All Of Us


Actions of love many times speak louder than words. Throughout our grief journeys, sometimes we just need a reassuring touch to let us know that there is hope, and that we can transcend the most painful of tragedies. Sometimes others need the same from us.


A Pain Unlike Any Other


After his daughter Jeannine’s death, guest author David Roberts found himself experiencing pain that could not be calmed. Through the years, and with thoughtful counseling, he has learned how to move past the pain, and into a new relationship with his daughter’s memory.


Always Missing Dad


On the six month anniversary of her father’s death from cancer, guest author Sarita Zanazzi reflects on her father’s life, and on the ways others have unknowingly made her grieving more difficult.


Supporting a Family When a Child Dies


When a child dies, there are many who are caught in the wake of loss. It is hard to know what to say, how to say it, or whether to say anything at all. Guest author and bereaved mom Rachel Reynolds shares what helped, and what didn’t, after the death of her daughter Charlotte.


Father’s Day After a Child’s Death

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Father’s Day can be a difficult day to face after a child has died. Guest author David Roberts shares how he has worked to bring joy and peace to this day that celebrates the relationship he still has with his daughter, Jeannine.


When Pigs Fly


When your child dies it can be difficult to see any ray of hope. Guest Author Rachel Reynolds tells us how her she still feels connected to her daughter Charlotte, and finds wonderful ways to honor the short but beautiful life she led.


Promises to Keep


When your parent is dying, you may find yourself in the odd position of being both child and caregiver. Guest author Cheryl Rice tells us how her mother still cared for the whole family in the end, even as they were caring for her.

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