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Holidays and Celebrating Those We’ve Lost

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Popular culture tells us we are supposed to be cheery, warm and joyful with family and friends at the holidays. Author Bill Cushnie knows that our lives change when we lose someone we love and our experience associated with the holidays changes as well. Some lovely ideas on how to celebrate while acknowledging what we have lost.


Ghosts of Christmas Past


Traditions bind families and societies tightly to one another. But altering our traditions to suit our current needs makes sense. Guest author and bereaved parent Joanetta Hendel encourages us to be creative and flexible in customizing our holiday plans after a loss.


The Best Gift You Can Give


During the holidays, many of us tend to rush from store to store, hunting for the right gift to tell each person how much we care. Guest author Kelly Buckley challenges us to give the greatest gift of all – a letter sharing our true feelings with those we hold most dear.


Navigating Grief During the Holidays


Under normal circumstances, preparing for any holiday can be stressful as well as tiring. After a loss, our grief may be so painful that we question whether to celebrate the holidays at all. Guest author Dave Roberts offers some helpful suggestions for making the holidays a peaceful time again for you and your family.


Finding Comfort Where None is to be Found


When a loved one dies from suicide, it can be difficult to find peace. Questions will remain unanswered, and others may not understand how their words can hurt. Christine Schelling shares some of her journey, faith, and realizations with us.


Faith and Grief: Challenges and Questions

Dawn on Blue Ridge Parkway

Author Bill Cushnie shares his take on the different spiritual dimensions in the ways we respond to the death of someone we love, whether we consider ourselves religious or not.


Faith and Spirituality in the Face of Loss


When someone we love dies, it is inevitable that questions of faith and spirituality arise. For some faith is challenged, for some it is dashed, for some it is a comfort, and for some it is a new exploration. Author Bill Cushnie suggests actions that are helpful in supporting the spiritual side of the grief journey.