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Grief in the News: July 25


When looking for words of advice after the loss of a loved one, help can come from a grief counselor, friend or even someone anonymous.


May 2014: Grief in the News


From coping to unexpected deaths by suicide to sharing stories on Facebook, here are a few headlines about grief in May 2014.


No Drive Is Too Short for a Seat Belt

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Guest author Krista Brenner hopes to encourage others to act now and take safe driving seriously by sharing her own powerful story of loss.


Keeping Our Center Throughout Our Grief Journey

Having lost three loved ones to suicide, guest author Catherine Greenleaf has learned that finding and keeping balance after a loss can make all of the difference in healing and moving forward.


Real Men Grieve


Grief is talked about more openly now than in the past, but nobody really speaks to men on this. Specifically, men don’t speak to men about this. Guest author Erik S. tells us how losing his daughter showed him how little support was out there for grieving dads.


Moving Through Tragedy


Following school shootings or other public tragedies, we watch tv, we read the online updates, we look at countless photos that had no business being made public in the first place. In trying to make sense of something senseless, we often find ourselves surrounded by sorrow. Author Alisha Krukowski shares thoughts on some different approaches we may wish to take as we find our way towards healing.


Grief Decision 2012

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Thinking of the election process has Author Alisha Krukowski thinking that there are some pretty cool things about grief. Like the fact that each of us gets to choose each day, each moment, how we want to move forward in our personal walk with grief. No one else gets a vote, and we can change our minds any time we want.


Getting Used To The Weirdness


There are just some things you can’t possibly anticipate after the death of a spouse. The odd decisions and conversations you never imagined would be part of your life. Guest author Emily Clark shares some of her strangest moments…and tells why they no longer strike her as odd.


College Without Dad

Dorm Room

Going to college is a transition, and once you’re there you can’t just blow off your feelings of grief. Guest author Samantha Worman feels that it’s a blessing and a curse to come into a new place with no one knowing who you are, or who you’ve lost.


Grief vs. Depression

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Sometimes, grief can lead to depression. But in and of itself, grief is a natural response to loss, something you need to do in order to heal your broken heart. Guest author Kelly Buckley believes that grief is not necessarily something that needs to be medicated because a physician doesn’t know what to say and wants to find solutions for you.

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