Topic: Sibling Loss

Hope for the Thanksgiving Holiday


The holidays can be an especially difficult time of year for those who are grieving. Author Patti Cox writes about how to cope when everyone around you seems happy and full of holiday cheer, making you want to just skip the holidays all together.


Making new summer memories

It happens once a year. The temperatures start to climb. The summer heat returns, bringing with it that Virginia humidity that makes the air a little harder to breathe on certain days. It brings birthdays and pool days. And, of course, for me, the summer also brings my brother’s “death” day.


The Number Of Plates On Our Table


After her brother died, guest author Crystal sometimes forgot he was gone, and set a place for him at the table. She tells us how these little things can bring back your grief, and how your family can find new ways to fill the table with love.


Having Good Conversations With Your Kids

child walking

Communication is key to helping our children understand their grief, and begin addressing it in healthy ways. Hello Grief offers some tips to having open, successful communication with your kids about grief and loss at any age.


Losing Someone to Suicide


It is hard enough to lose a loved one as a child or a teen but to add the extra stigma of suicide almost seems unbearable. Guest author Kim Kates shares how Samaritans and Comfort Zone Camp offered hope and healing to a very special group of kids and teens, and how you can offer your support as well.


Finding Meaning in Tragedy


When her brother died suddenly, guest Author Tabitha Jayne felt completely lost. For many years, she found it hard to believe that she could ever be happy again. With great self love and strength, she slowly learned that she could miss her brother while not missing out on her own life.


Grasping for Details


When guest author Jan Groft’s attended the funeral of her sister Dolores, she noted that Dolores’ lipstick was not applied correctly. Jan tells us that this is how we cope. We grasp for the tangible, the physical, a place to park our grief, if only temporarily, a safe and familiar rest stop.


Poetry Heals and Inspires


Poetry often has a unique way of speaking to and from the heart. Author Bill Cushnie shares some reader responses to his previous article on poetry, and invites all readers to share their own poetry and thoughts on grief and healing.


Guilt and the Emotional Collage


When the opportunity to seek forgiveness or make amends is lost, such as when a person dies, guilt can become a (if not the) dominant feeling in your loss. Author Bill Cushnie shares ideas to help cope with guilt in grief.


Healing through Creativity


Creative expression can be a powerful way to manage the grieving process. Teens in grades 7 through 12 are encouraged to submit their works of art and writing that deal with loss and bereavement to the 2011 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for the opportunity to earn recognition. Six winners will be selected to receive $1,000 scholarships and top works will be shown as part of annual National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Teen Exhibition in June 2011.

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