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Hope for the Thanksgiving Holiday


The holidays can be an especially difficult time of year for those who are grieving. Author Patti Cox writes about how to cope when everyone around you seems happy and full of holiday cheer, making you want to just skip the holidays all together.


A Different Kind of Valentine


Alisha’s mom died on February 13th, 2007. Valentine’s Day Eve. She tells us how she was planning (or rather not planning) for Valentine’s Day to come and go as usual this year when her mom’s memory came knocking softly at her heart. Mom loved holidays, loved the idea of spreading cheer and love and chocolate. She felt something different this year. She felt challenged to reclaim this day.


Home For The Holidays

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How will you celebrate Christmas now that your loved one won’t be there to fill his or her role in your family tradition? Guest author Samantha Sage tells about the “Dad Tree” she and her kids decorate every year, as they celebrate the memory of an amazing man.


Finding New Ways To Celebrate

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Under even the best of circumstances, the holidays can bring expectations, stress, and disappointment. For those who are grieving, these months may also be heavy with uncertainty, bittersweet memories, and worry about what to do, who to be, in this new and changed holiday season. Guest author Jana DeCristofaro shares thoughts on how to mindfully move through this season in unity with your family.


Holidays and Celebrating Those We’ve Lost

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Popular culture tells us we are supposed to be cheery, warm and joyful with family and friends at the holidays. Author Bill Cushnie knows that our lives change when we lose someone we love and our experience associated with the holidays changes as well. Some lovely ideas on how to celebrate while acknowledging what we have lost.


Grief Decision 2012

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Thinking of the election process has Author Alisha Krukowski thinking that there are some pretty cool things about grief. Like the fact that each of us gets to choose each day, each moment, how we want to move forward in our personal walk with grief. No one else gets a vote, and we can change our minds any time we want.


What I Didn’t See Coming


We try our best to comfort those who grieve, based on what we think they may be feeling. Guest Author Stephanie Bullard shares that the actual experience is many faceted, and often includes some unexpected moments and realities of grief.


How To Acknowledge Their “Death-versary”


What do you call the date your loved one died? What word describes what was likely the worst day of your life, and how do you go about deciding what to do on that day? As she crosses the one year mark of her fiance Zach’s death, guest author Krista Brenner shares the choices she’s made on this journey she never planned for.


Surviving Summer


The death of a parent shatters you and stamps down hard on memory leaving behind an annual residue that can be impossible to bear. Guest author Alan Silberberg looks back on that summer after third grade, when his mom died, and his world changed. He openly shares the secret he found to making summer a good time of year again.


Making Summer Fun Again


Summer is supposed to be a fun time, but it can be a difficult time after a loved one has died. Hello Grief’s Alisha Krukowski offers some ideas for how to help your kids build new summer memories while celebrating the memory of their loved one.

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