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No Drive Is Too Short for a Seat Belt

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Guest author Krista Brenner hopes to encourage others to act now and take safe driving seriously by sharing her own powerful story of loss.


Identity Crisis

Guest author Emily Clark recounts her identity crisis and subsequent experience of getting to know herself all over again following her husband’s death.


My Life As An Analytical Griever

Guest author Emily Clark reflects on how being an intellectual helped – and sometimes hindered – her healing.


Taking Care of Yourself Helps You Grieve

Guest Author Emily Clark shares how making self-care a priority was a game changer in her grief journey.


Keeping Our Center Throughout Our Grief Journey

Having lost three loved ones to suicide, guest author Catherine Greenleaf has learned that finding and keeping balance after a loss can make all of the difference in healing and moving forward.


The “Me” Before

Obviously, we are forever changed when we lose someone we love, but sometimes we suddenly and unexpectedly come face to face with our previous selves. Our guest author reflects on a recent experience with friends during which she realized just how much she and life have changed since she lost her son.


A Different Kind of Valentine


Alisha’s mom died on February 13th, 2007. Valentine’s Day Eve. She tells us how she was planning (or rather not planning) for Valentine’s Day to come and go as usual this year when her mom’s memory came knocking softly at her heart. Mom loved holidays, loved the idea of spreading cheer and love and chocolate. She felt something different this year. She felt challenged to reclaim this day.


The Hole Left By Grief


Grief can be an ugly thing.There is no way to sugar coat it. What kids feel is real and raw. Samantha Sage talks about life as a widow, and how Comfort Zone Camp helped her family to find healing.


The Things I Keep

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When someone loses a child, they may hang onto items that don’t seem to make sense, or hold any special meaning. Family and friends may need to understand that even the most mundane of items can hold special memories for a parent after their child has died. Guest Author Rachel Reynolds tells us which of her daughter’s seemingly random belongings will likely always have space in her home.


Getting Used To The Weirdness


There are just some things you can’t possibly anticipate after the death of a spouse. The odd decisions and conversations you never imagined would be part of your life. Guest author Emily Clark shares some of her strangest moments…and tells why they no longer strike her as odd.

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