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Pete Shrock

Pete Shrock Pete is the National Program Director for Comfort Zone Camp. He is responsible for the management and execution of all Comfort Zone programs nationwide, and ensuring quality of camp programs. Pete holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and has been involved with children who have experienced a significant life trauma for five […]

Patti Cox

Patti Cox Patti is certified in Bereavement Counseling and actively facilitates grief support groups for adults, teens and children. She is a member of the Bereavement Coalition of VA, and the Support Group Coordinator for Comfort Zone Camp. Patti is continuing her education and plans to obtain a Master’s Degree in Social Work. She and […]

Dealing with “You Should Be Over It By Now.”

Author Lynne Hughes talks about society’s pressure to “get over,” heal,” or “move on” from grief within a certain timeframe. The truth is – grief is a lifelong journey.

Starting conversations about death and grief

Intuitively, we know being able to talk about our loss is healing, but often, it is not easy to talk about it ourselves, or to get our children to talk about it. Author Bill Cushnie provides family-oriented recommendations to enage your children in conversation about your loss.

The Work of Grief

Author Jill FitzGerald, LCSW talks about the physical task of grieving, and it’s tax on the conscious, physical body and emotional state. It’s like running a marathon, that doesn’t end at 26.2 miles.

Bill Cushnie

Bill Cushnie For 36 years, Bill was president and owner of a consulting practice, and as an active retiree, still answers a few requests for executive coaching. After serving as a fighter plane mechanic in the Marine Corps, Bill enrolled at Richmond Professional Institute (now Virginia Commonwealth University) and earned a B.S. in Psychology. He […]

Concepts Children Must Understand to Understand Death

There are three basic concepts a child must grasp to understand death: 1) Death is permanent, 2) All life functions end completely at the time of death, 3) Everything that is alive eventually dies.

Physical and Emotional Responses to Grief

To support ourselves, and our grieving loved ones, it is helpful to understand the physical, mental and emotional toll of grief. This article identifies common responses to loss, and provides suggestions to help the persons in your life who may be struggling with grief.

Refrigerator Notes

Author Bill Cushnie shares some of his favorite famous quotes that help him process the grief journey.

Am I “Over It?”

Lynne Hughes’ reflects on her mother’s 36th death anniversary. Her mother died when she was 9. Is she “over it?” Her answer: yes, and no.