Monthly Archives: April 2010

“Do You Have Any Siblings?…”

It’s inevitable… when meeting someone new, Guest Writer Sean Malone is eventually asked if he has any siblings… “Do I really want to get into the story of my brother’s death? Will these new people, who I’ve just met, be able to handle hearing about it? Will I be able to handle telling it for the thousandth time?”

Hello, Grief

When you’re grieving, you learn how to maintain your composure and get through each day. But sometimes, before you even see it coming, Grief shows up and changes everything. Author Alisha Krukowski writes about one such moment three years after her mother died, when waiting to pick a coworker up from the airport.

What Are The Magical Words?

In the weeks following the death of her father, guest writer Samantha Halle heard several phrases repeated over and over again. She gives a window into her thought process at the time, in hopes that it helps you understand how the grieving people in your life may be feeling as you try to figure out how to best support them.

Regaining Confidence in Life

Losing someone you love can seriously shake your confidence in life. Author Bill Cushnie discusses coping strategies to help regain confidence in life after the loss.

Before and After: How One Teen Is Coping After the Loss of Her Dad

On April 14, 2010 at 8 p.m. EST/PT, Sesame Street will air a primetime one hour special, “When Families Grieve,” featuring Katie Couric and the Sesame Street Muppets.

CBS Morning News: How Children Grieve

Video from CBS Morning News: A death becomes all the more difficult when there are children in the family. Katie Couric gives a helping hand to kids and parents grappling with death.

Survive the Rocky, Enjoy the Smooth

Author Bill Cushnie shares an excerpt that beautifully answers the ‘why?’ in life. Reminding us that with family and friends, we can survive the rocky and enjoy the smooth.

Video: When People Say Mean Things

Sometimes intentionally, sometimes on accident… either way, painful comments will be made after you’ve had a loss. In this video, three teens share their stories of insensitive comments and how they responded.