Monthly Archives: June 2010

How Did GRIEF Get an Expiration Date?

Author Lynne Hughes dispels the myth that grief has a 6-12 month expiration date. She talks about how it’s important and healthy to allow yourself (and/or the grieving people in your lives) the opportunity to grieve years later.

Finding a Balance: Self Care Quiz

Grievers often spend a lot of time taking care of the “business” of grief, and adjusting to the new responsibilities that follow, and overlook taking care of themselves. Author Patti Cox provides a self care quiz for you to see how well you are doing at finding balance in your life after loss.

Grief Unrecognized: Loss of a Sibling

So often the death of a sibling is dismissed, unrecognized or even ignored. Author Jill Fitzgerald talks about how our siblings are one of the longest lasting relationships we will ever have. An important relationship and will forever be.

Tainted by Grief?…

Guest writer Diana Doyle lost her sister, mother, and daughter within three years of each other. While at a grocery store, watching her 7 year old daughter in the card aisle, Diana begins to wonder how loss has impacted her and her daughter.

Father’s Day Without Dad

As Father’s Day approaches, Author Elizabeth (Sullivan) Good reflects on the true gifts her dad gave her over the years; and how she plans to honor his memory on the holiday, and every day.

Every day is Father’s Day

Next Sunday will be the eight Father’s Day since the death of guest writer Abigail Carter’s husband, and father of their two children. She reflects on what the day meant before his death, immediately after, and now, 8 years later.

How to Ruin a Dinner Party

Guest writer Melissa Silvetti tries her best not to bring up the story of her parents’ death with strangers… but sometimes it seems impossible.

Families with a Missing Piece

Jeffrey Zaslow writes about the lifelong impact of childhood bereavement for the Wall Street Journal, including an interview with Hello Grief author, and Comfort Zone Camp founder, Lynne Hughes.