Monthly Archives: October 2010

Night of Memories: November 18

On November 18, 2010, Comfort Zone Camp invites you to take part in a Night of Memories. A night to honor in a unique way, meaningful to you and your family, those we have lost.

Halloween Without

Guest author Diana Doyle watches her neighborhood transform into a spooky graveyard in preparation for Halloween. Another Halloween her daughter Savannah will miss.

Unexpected Healing: A Memoir of a Father’s Death to Cancer

Growing up, guest writer Amy Lloyd and her father were not very close; actually, most of their interactions were frictional. But, during the last months of his life, as Amy and her mother served as cheerleaders and soldiers in the battle against cancer, they found a connection.

Considering Hospice Care

How does Hospice help? What does Hospice do? Odyssey/VistaCare hospice shares the stories of two patients with life limiting illnesses who turned to Hospice care.

My Ugly Grief Story

When guest writer Brittany Cole was 14, her father died. All she could think was “oh my gosh, it’s finally over.” Not because he was sick all the time, but because of the verbal and emotional abuse he put her and her family through.

Thinking of Mom on My Birthday

October 6th marked the 33nd anniversary of the day Author Alisha Krukowski’s mom saw the culmination of 9 months of waiting and hoping and sore feet and food cravings. She writes about having this revelation 3 years and 8 months after her mother’s death.

No Thank You: New Rules About Thank You Notes After the Death of a Loved One

Guest writer Catherine Tidd writes about a trend she hopes will catch on… the non-expectation for Thank You notes for gifts received after the death of a loved one.