Monthly Archives: November 2010

Guilt and the Emotional Collage

When the opportunity to seek forgiveness or make amends is lost, such as when a person dies, guilt can become a (if not the) dominant feeling in your loss. Author Bill Cushnie shares ideas to help cope with guilt in grief.

Poll Result: My Favorite Way to Stay Connected to Loved Ones I’ve Lost Is…

View and comment on the Hello Grief poll results from September/October 2010, which stated: “My favorite way to stay connected to loved ones I’ve lost is…”

The 6 Black Boxes – A Military Widow’s View

A military widow writes about receiving the six black boxes of her husband’s belongings after his death in combat. Originally shared on the American Widow Project by founder Taryn Davis.

Thanksgiving Was Her Holiday: Traditions after the loss of a mother

Thanksgiving was the favorite holiday of Author Alisha Krukowski’s mother. Her passing has changed the holiday, and the way her family celebrates it. They have all made some choices, changes, and compromises along the way and have slowly figured out what feels right for each of them, while still celebrating her mom in their hearts.

I Will Never Be the Same

“My Dad died from lung cancer when I was 13 years old,” that’s guest writer Danielle Taylor’s “tag line” when people ask about her dad. It sums up all the information they need… but for her, it carries a greater reality she felt when he died – that she will never be the same.

I Love You, But I Hate the Choices You Made

Author Alisha Krukowski lost her cousin due to choices he made in the midst of his grief. She writes about how it took her a long time to come to terms with the fact that she could love her cousin, but hate his choices. In the end, an ugly death should not overshadow a beautiful life.