Monthly Archives: December 2010

Silent Night, Challenging Night

All of the joy and excitement of the holidays can be difficult to bear after the loss of a child. Guest author Michelle Wilson feels this again as she attends a sing-along symphony, and sees children who are now the age that her son, Cooper, never got to be.

I Can Still Remember: Revisiting a memory with a lost loved one

After a loss, memories of a person you miss may be triggered in many ways. For Author Elizabeth Sullivan, one of her most vivid memories with her father is revisited every time she hears his favorite song.

Time Marches On

Right after your loved one dies, everyone reacts strongly, and with sympathy. But after a few months, the rest of the world starts to move on, with or without you. Guest author Kati Rice shares what it was like to recognize this in the months following her father’s death, and how she found ways to move forward herself.