Monthly Archives: February 2011

Poetry Heals and Inspires

Poetry often has a unique way of speaking to and from the heart. Author Bill Cushnie shares some reader responses to his previous article on poetry, and invites all readers to share their own poetry and thoughts on grief and healing.

Resilience Skills to Help Children Deal with Grief and Loss

Many people want to know the best way to help a child with his or her personal tragedy. A good option is for the child to be encouraged to learn resilience skills. The creators of Tool Kits for Kids share an exercise that can help.

I’d Rather Live for Two

Instead of feeling guilty for living beyond your loved one, you can choose to live more fully to celebrate their memory and your own life. Guest Author Danielle Taylor shares how traveling to Italy, parasailing, and swimming with dolphins have helped her to live her life as a celebration of her father.

A Reason to Run

Running a marathon is a daunting, scary, overwhelming challenge; but it doesn’t compare to the challenges faced by grieving children. Guest Author Erin Love, who lost her father, shares how she took on the challenge of running a marathon and raised enough money to send 10 kids to Comfort Zone Camp.