Monthly Archives: June 2011

When a Teen or Child Loses a Loved One to Suicide

When a teen or child experiences the death of someone they love, it can be traumatizing. When the death is a result of a suicide, the trauma takes on a different hue, and some different fears and emotions may surface. Our friends at offer some helpful thoughts and tips in helping young people to cope with a suicide loss.

The Lead Jacket

Guest author Kelly Buckley shares with us: No matter what the season, or what the fashion magazines say about this year’s hottest looks, there is one item I will always have in my closet. My lead jacket of grief. Sometimes, regardless of the day or time, I will put it on and allow myself to once again feel the pains of my tremendous loss.

Remembering Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day can be a rough holiday when you feel like you are the only one without a dad. Hello Grief’s Alisha Krukowski offers a few suggestions on how to create your own new traditions to remember and celebrate your dad on Father’s Day.

Navigating Your Grief Journey

Before we decide where we’re going, we have to understand and accept where we are. Author Bill Cushnie poses the questions: How do we navigate our way during our journey? How do we reevaluate and set our new courses? What can we learn from where we are now?