Monthly Archives: October 2011

Amazing Feeling by Comfort Zone Camper Mom

For the second year, Nicole sent her son Richard to Comfort Zone Camp after Richard’s baby brother passed away. Nicole shares what she experienced when picking Richard up from our recent camp in New Jersey and how camp has impacted her family.

Grief Lessons From the WalMart Truck

As people grieve, they need to recognize that there are certain situations that they may not be able to handle. Guest author David Robert reminds us that recognizing our limitations is a key ingredient in learning to take care of ourselves during our lifelong journeys.

Grasping for Details

When guest author Jan Groft’s attended the funeral of her sister Dolores, she noted that Dolores’ lipstick was not applied correctly. Jan tells us that this is how we cope. We grasp for the tangible, the physical, a place to park our grief, if only temporarily, a safe and familiar rest stop.

Moments of Grace

As many grieving people know, keeping a loved one’s memory alive after they die can be a difficult task. Guest author Colleen Wilson shares some interesting ways that she feels her mother’s presence in her life now.