Monthly Archives: December 2011

A Grief Journal for the Non-Writer

Have you ever wanted to start journaling, but felt you wouldn’t be any good at it? Or maybe you’ve felt that writing just isn’t your thing? Guest author Maureen Hunter shares some easy ways to get started, even if you’ve never tried to journal before.

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Traditions bind families and societies tightly to one another. But altering our traditions to suit our current needs makes sense. Guest author and bereaved parent Joanetta Hendel encourages us to be creative and flexible in customizing our holiday plans after a loss.

The Best Gift You Can Give

During the holidays, many of us tend to rush from store to store, hunting for the right gift to tell each person how much we care. Guest author Kelly Buckley challenges us to give the greatest gift of all – a letter sharing our true feelings with those we hold most dear.

Daily Positive Affirmations

After facing three suicide losses, guest author Catherine Greenleaf discovered that the way you think about yourself can determine what kind of experiences you will have. She shares thoughts on how positive daily affirmations can help us to heal after any kind of loss.