Monthly Archives: January 2012

Keeping Our Center During Grief

Having lost three people to suicide, guest author Catherine Greenleaf has learned that finding and keeping balance after a loss can make all of the difference in healing and moving forward.

Loss and Anger

We often tell our children and teens that anger is a bad thing. But what about when someone they love dies? Guest author Victoria Noe tells us that anger after a loss is not only normal, it can even be healthy if we learn to direct it towards healing.

The Kindness of Acquaintances

There is much talk about the kindness of strangers, but what about the kindness of acquaintances? Sometimes, people we hardly know seem to appear out of nowhere to offer support in a moment that we are feeling alone in our grief. Our guest author shares one such experience, and encourages each of us to share a kind word today with someone who may need it more than we know.