Monthly Archives: February 2012

Breathing For Elaine

When you learn your best friend is dying, your perspective shifts. Your priorities change. Guest Author Jan Groft tells us that in those precious final days, there is no time to take a moment or even a single breath for granted.

How I Miss My Dad Now

Nine years after he died, guest author Samantha Halle still misses her dad. She helps us to see how grief changes over the years, and how those we love will always be a part of our lives

Finding Gratitude and Happiness

When we focus on the happiness we have in our lives, it can make the sadness seem small in comparison. As guest author Karissa O’Reilly’s father was dying at the age of 33, he told his young children that he had lived a full and wonderful life, no matter how short it may have seemed. His words became the inspiration for O’Reilly to live her own life fully.

SWF Widow Seeks New Love

I had to admit that I was lonely for companionship, plus my kids begged me regularly to have a “new” daddy. I think though, that my biggest motivator towards rushing fate was my determination not to waste a moment of my life. If Arron’s death had taught me anything it was that there wasn’t time to sit around waiting for life to happen to me.

A New Year and the Challenge of Grief

As we close out the first month of this new year, we may have trouble seeing the promise it brings, since our loved one is no longer here with us. Guest Author Tricia Sample shares her unique perspective on ways we can carry our loved ones with us in the new year, and look forward to many happy years ahead.