Monthly Archives: March 2012

Losing Someone to Suicide

It is hard enough to lose a loved one as a child or a teen but to add the extra stigma of suicide almost seems unbearable. Guest author Kim Kates shares how Samaritans and Comfort Zone Camp offered hope and healing to a very special group of kids and teens, and how you can offer your support as well.

A Lot of Angry Friends Out There

When a friend dies, it can leave so much hurt and anger in our hearts. Guest author Victoria Noe shares more thoughts on the anger we may experience, and how we can start to move towards healing.

Working With Bereaved Parents in Counseling

Working with a parent who is facing a child’s death can present unique challenges for a human service professional. As a bereaved parent and counselor himself, guest author David J. Roberts offers some advice on how to serve these parents and honor the memories of their children.

Finding Meaning in Tragedy

When her brother died suddenly, guest Author Tabitha Jayne felt completely lost. For many years, she found it hard to believe that she could ever be happy again. With great self love and strength, she slowly learned that she could miss her brother while not missing out on her own life.