Monthly Archives: April 2012

Promises to Keep

When your parent is dying, you may find yourself in the odd position of being both child and caregiver. Guest author Cheryl Rice tells us how her mother still cared for the whole family in the end, even as they were caring for her.

A Financial To-Do List for the Recently Widowed

Losing a spouse is one of the most devastating events many of us will face. On top of all of the grief, there are hard financial questions that must be addressed. Jason Alderman, Visa’s Senior Director of Global Financial Education, shares some valuable tips on which decisions can wait, and which need to be dealt with quickly.

It’s Okay to Cry

So many of us try to hide from our pain and put on a brave face after a loss. Guest author Catherine Greenleaf, who has lost three people to suicide, tells us why it is so vital to allow ourselves to really cry and grieve in order to heal.

I Bought The Books

Desperate to find healing after her father’s death, Comfort Zone Camper Samantha Worman realized that she spent more time reading books on loss than she spent actually grieving. In time, she found that her grief was her own, and that she could experience it any way and any time that she needed to.