Monthly Archives: May 2012

Having Good Conversations With Your Kids

Communication is key to helping our children understand their grief, and begin addressing it in healthy ways. Hello Grief offers some tips to having open, successful communication with your kids about grief and loss at any age.

The Crummy Apartment

Sometimes, the ways in which we are different from our spouses can be the very things that bind us together after they are gone. Guest author and young widow Emily Clark tells us how her husband’s love for their first cramped apartment left her with a treasure trove of beautiful memories.

When Pigs Fly

When your child dies it can be difficult to see any ray of hope. Guest Author Rachel Reynolds tells us how her she still feels connected to her daughter Charlotte, and finds wonderful ways to honor the short but beautiful life she led.

Defining Moments at Comfort Zone Camp

When Samantha Worman’s dad died, a family friend suggested she go to Comfort Zone Camp, a special camp for kids and teens who had lost a parent or sibling. Samantha loved camp so much, and felt so impacted by the connections she made, that she returned later to mentor another child who had who had experienced a loss in her life.

Skinned Knees and Mended Hearts

Often, our grief is something that hides beneath the surface. Others may not remember we are hurting, until something happens that brings our grief into the spotlight. Guest author Rachel Reynolds shares how a skinned knee helped her to understand her own experience with grief.