Monthly Archives: July 2012

Suggesting Counseling to Someone You Love

It certainly isn’t the easiest thing to suggest counseling to someone you love. Our friends at River City Comprehensive Counseling Services share some ideas for how to approach this subject with someone important in your life.

Surviving Summer

The death of a parent shatters you and stamps down hard on memory leaving behind an annual residue that can be impossible to bear. Guest author Alan Silberberg looks back on that summer after third grade, when his mom died, and his world changed. He openly shares the secret he found to making summer a good time of year again.

Making Summer Fun Again

Summer is supposed to be a fun time, but it can be a difficult time after a loved one has died. Hello Grief’s Alisha Krukowski offers some ideas for how to help your kids build new summer memories while celebrating the memory of their loved one.

The Behavior of the Bereaved

It can be easy for us to judge a griever’s actions based on what we think is best for them, or how we think we would behave in their situation. Young widow Emily Clark offers her observations on how to best understand and support someone in your life who is grieving in their own unique way.

My Father, My Best Friend

Like many of us, guest author Alex G. used to wonder how he would cope if he lost one of his parents. In raw words, he tells us how he had to face that reality when his dad died unexpectedly last year.