Monthly Archives: September 2012

The Tigger In All Of Us

Actions of love many times speak louder than words. Throughout our grief journeys, sometimes we just need a reassuring touch to let us know that there is hope, and that we can transcend the most painful of tragedies. Sometimes others need the same from us.

Describe Comfort Zone in One Word

This is an awesome video. Campers, volunteers, and Comfort Zone staff tell us what camp means to them in one word. Well, most of them do it in one word!

Grief vs. Depression

Sometimes, grief can lead to depression. But in and of itself, grief is a natural response to loss, something you need to do in order to heal your broken heart. Guest author Kelly Buckley believes that grief is not necessarily something that needs to be medicated because a physician doesn’t know what to say and wants to find solutions for you.

Life After Our Mom Was Murdered

Murder. It’s unimaginable, until it happens to your family. Three siblings talk about the night their mom was murdered, and how it impacted them then and now. They teach us that you can grieve in your own way, while working as a family to find healing.