Monthly Archives: October 2012

Getting Used To The Weirdness

There are just some things you can’t possibly anticipate after the death of a spouse. The odd decisions and conversations you never imagined would be part of your life. Guest author Emily Clark shares some of her strangest moments…and tells why they no longer strike her as odd.

What I Didn’t See Coming

We try our best to comfort those who grieve, based on what we think they may be feeling. Guest Author Stephanie Bullard shares that the actual experience is many faceted, and often includes some unexpected moments and realities of grief.

College Without Dad

Going to college is a transition, and once you’re there you can’t just blow off your feelings of grief. Guest author Samantha Worman feels that it’s a blessing and a curse to come into a new place with no one knowing who you are, or who you’ve lost.

How To Acknowledge Their “Death-versary”

What do you call the date your loved one died? What word describes what was likely the worst day of your life, and how do you go about deciding what to do on that day? As she crosses the one year mark of her fiance Zach’s death, guest author Krista Brenner shares the choices she’s made on this journey she never planned for.

“You’re Not Normal”

When our life has been devastated by grief, the “you’re not normal” critics come out in force. Guest author Maureen Hunter reminds us that as we find ways to navigate losses we never thought we’d face, our thoughts and actions are likely pretty darn normal after all.