Monthly Archives: December 2012

Moving Through Tragedy

Following school shootings or other public tragedies, we watch tv, we read the online updates, we look at countless photos that had no business being made public in the first place. In trying to make sense of something senseless, we often find ourselves surrounded by sorrow. Author Alisha Krukowski shares thoughts on some different approaches we may wish to take as we find our way towards healing.

The Fine Line Between Hope and Panic

After her mom died, guest author Camila Martin felt a lot of pressure from others about how she should act and what she should feel. She tells us how her grief left her bouncing between competing emotions, and how she has moved towards a place of balance.

The Things I Keep

When someone loses a child, they may hang onto items that don’t seem to make sense, or hold any special meaning. Family and friends may need to understand that even the most mundane of items can hold special memories for a parent after their child has died. Guest Author Rachel Reynolds tells us which of her daughter’s seemingly random belongings will likely always have space in her home.