Monthly Archives: January 2013

Love Letters

What would you say to your deceased spouse if you could tell him or her anything? We all lay awake at night muttering into the darkness lost words meant for them. Guest author Emily Clark tells us how writing to her husband helps her to still feel a sense of connection.

The Hole Left By Grief

Grief can be an ugly thing.There is no way to sugar coat it. What kids feel is real and raw. Samantha Sage talks about life as a widow, and how Comfort Zone Camp helped her family to find healing.

Real Men Grieve

Grief is talked about more openly now than in the past, but nobody really speaks to men on this. Specifically, men don’t speak to men about this. Guest author Erik S. tells us how losing his daughter showed him how little support was out there for grieving dads.

We Are Family

Comfort Zone Camp volunteer Colleen Wilson tells us how camp helped both her and her sister to heal after her mom’s death. After experiencing the impact of a camp weekend, they both decided to join the Grief Relief Team to help give other kids and teens the opportunity to heal and grow.

The Number Of Plates On Our Table

After her brother died, guest author Crystal sometimes forgot he was gone, and set a place for him at the table. She tells us how these little things can bring back your grief, and how your family can find new ways to fill the table with love.