Monthly Archives: June 2013

When the Mirror Breaks

Guest author Daisy lost her old brother in a car crash when she was 24. She talks about picking up the pieces shattered that day so she can start living again. “I was unbreakable; we were unbreakable.”

Making new summer memories

It happens once a year. The temperatures start to climb. The summer heat returns, bringing with it that Virginia humidity that makes the air a little harder to breathe on certain days. It brings birthdays and pool days. And, of course, for me, the summer also brings my brother’s “death” day.

Moments Missed by Dad

A woman is bringing a new source of happiness into her life, a new person to love. But she also misses her dad very much.

Effective Support For Someone Who Is Grieving

Often times we don’t know what to say or do when faced with someone in our lives in the throes of grief. We are afraid of putting our foot in our mouth or asking the wrong thing. The good news is we don’t really have to say anything at all. We just have to listen. Being an effective listener to someone who is grieving can be one of the greatest gifts we can give.