Monthly Archives: July 2013

Not Broken

Guest author Angel surrounds herself with the support system of her parents, family and friends. And each day she’s stronger because of that.

As a Result

As a result of what my family has been through since my dad was diagnosed with the brain cancer that took his life only 10 weeks later, I’ve learned that in the face of tragedy people will surprise you.

Make Some Noise for Our Graduate

In the frenzy leading up to the big day, I was told breathlessly, barely 12 hours before the event that I had to get a lei and maracas. A Lei? Maracas? Had high school graduations changed that much or was this some American tradition I wasn’t aware of?

The Legacy of Others Lives Through You

My adult relationship with my mother lasted only a few short years and ended on August 6, 1999, when she died in a car accident.

Questions at the Grocery Store

In the days that immediately followed my 10-year-old son’s death, perhaps there was nowhere more terrifying than the grocery store – the place I had spent countless shopping excursions begging my son and his little sister to stop running.