Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Route to Feeling Alive

Now I run this route to feel alive, not to just follow his last path. I feel my legs pulling and pushing, and I revel in their movement. I marvel at my capacity to run until it feels like I’m dancing.

Finding “Me Time” on a Run

There is no test with running. There’s no license or membership to earn … you just run. The courage to accept the challenge and start the journey forward encompasses both my grief and running.

Running through the Tears

Instead of always running through tears of pain and sadness, I find myself still running through tears, but they are often tears of joy, gratitude, and love.

Living is More Than Having a Pulse

Running provides me the athletic outlet I need to connect with the feelings I used to have when 6-year-old me rounded third base at the Boys and Girls Club in Tonawanda, N.Y., my father cheering me on in his flat-brimmed hat.

Running Toward a Solution

The longer the run, the better the outcome. I choose to run – not in an attempt to run from conflict – but toward a better solution.

Birthdays and the “Could Have Beens”

I should try to just celebrate that 14 years ago in my history, a young man came into this world who would change who I was, what I would become. His life continues to shape me, and will for as long as I draw breath in this wonderful and horrible thing we call life.

A Decade: My Grief Journey in Reflection

Guest author Ashley shares her 10-year grief journey, how it’s evolved and how Comfort Zone Camp has been there to help.