Monthly Archives: September 2013

Saving Lives with Red Light Cameras

In our own time of great sorrow solace is found in the opportunity to fill other hearts with hope.

The Importance of Community in a Child’s Healing

Camps and bereavement groups are not the only places to create a sense of belonging. Online forums and websites such as Hello Grief allow kids to creatively express themselves. These virtual communities are just as important. They are always there — day or night.

Weathering the Fog

Learning how to handle the outcome of her father’s death has helped Jordan overcome the gray fog that initially consumed her life.

Teens Asked to Help Driver Safety Awareness

Teens can celebrate safe driving and bring Kelly Clarkson to their school.

Getting “Closer” … When You Thought it was Already “Closed”

I challenge you to write to your loved ones. You may come out with lighter heart by letting go of something you didn’t know you were holding on to.

Learning from the Mistakes of Others

To honor their lives I choose to advocate for yours, in hopes that when you read my sister’s story that there will be one less name on the side of the road.

Finding My Stride

Records and medals will never bring Dad back. I’ve accepted that. However, living life to my greatest potential and sharing his stories will keep Dad’s memory alive – and that is a beautiful thing.

Finding Comfort Pounding the Pavement

Running was a huge part of my healing after my husband passed away. I had just started running with a new group of women about a month before my husband’s death.

Pedaling with Grief

Cycling is a place where I can connect my mind, body, and spirit. I need it as much as I need food and water or as much as others need daily grief counseling.