Monthly Archives: November 2013


The most important thing I have figured out is that I am going to go after my dreams and stop waiting on the sidelines while everyone else gets the things they want.

Transformed After My Father’s Death

One thing I’ve learned about grief since my dad was diagnosed with the brain cancer that took his life only 10 weeks later is that it can make people think about, feel, and even do things they might never have before; I guess that’s just part of navigating the road on this journey. There are […]

Hope and Clarity in the Middle of Nowhere

In the quiet of nowhere, we learn to trust our intuition and inner voice. In the middle of nowhere, the process of transformation begins.

October 2013 Poll Results

In October we re-introduced a poll question on the front page of A big thanks goes out to everyone who voted and shared the information on Facebook and Twitter. Here are the results: My loss has changed me as a person by … 49.6% – ways I can’t describe. 20.6% – changing my goals […]