Monthly Archives: December 2013

Old Traditions Are Now Just Memories

I know there are new traditions to make, but right now I’d like to hold on to the old ones in my heart for just a little longer.

Holiday Hoopla

The holidays can be a painful time, but author Diana Freccia delivers a helpful reminder to take care of yourself.

Take Time To Do What Feels Right

Take some time to talk with your children about the feelings they are experiencing as they think about the holidays without the person who died.

Grinch or Grief Elf?

You’d think I’d know better, but “the season” still arrives with an emotional wallop, even after all these years.

Rise to the Challenge

During this year’s holiday season you could help more kids in the Hello Grief community attend Comfort Zone Camp next year.

Traditions Died Too

It was important that even though we knew nothing would be the same, we attempt to give our daughter as close to a regular holiday season as we could manage.

November 2013 Poll Results

A big thanks goes out to everyone who voted in the November poll question “When I need the support the most, I reach out to …” and to everyone who shared the post on social media. Here are the results: When I need the support the most, I reach out to … Friend (34%) Family member (32%) No […]