Monthly Archives: July 2014

Grief in the News: July 25

When looking for words of advice after the loss of a loved one, help can come from a grief counselor, friend or even someone anonymous.

Grief in the News: July 17

Having support of your loved ones and your community can be comforting when you’re grieving.  Here are a couple headlines regarding communities love and support for those handling grief: Team supports grieving daughter, The Herald-Dispatch After the death of her mother, Megan’s softball team has showed her endless support.  With the help of her good […]

Grief in the News: July 10

Handling grief is a challenge, especially when people think they have to go through it alone. Truth is, there are plenty of support groups where you can grieve and cope with other individuals who have experienced the same thing. Here are a couple of headlines that talk about how to cope:

Grief in the News: July 3

Although everyone copes with grief in different ways, sometimes those experiencing grief find positive and encouraging ways to heal and spread their story.  Here are a few headlines that show how grief can positively impact others: Volunteers Help Grieving Couple Build Memorial Playground, CBS Minnesota After a couple lost their child to unknown causes, the […]