A discussion about suicide

With the recent death of actor and comedian Robin Williams, suicide has taken over headlines and conversations. To help further the discussion, here are some great articles to check out. If you’ve seen others, please share them in the comments!

Here on Hello Grief, are a few articles from the archives:

Losing Someone to Suicide
“For both adults and children who have lost a loved one to suicide, it is important they find a space where they feel safe and supported. They need room to investigate and ask the hard questions, slowly at their own pace, realizing that the answers they stumble upon will never be enough.” Read more >

Why Some Schools Respond Differently to Suicide
“When a student dies from an accident or illness, often times the school takes part in memorializing the student’s life, sometimes sponsoring a special event such as a run, selling T-shirts, or planting a tree.  Why is it different when a student dies by suicide?” Read more >

When a Child Loses a Loved One to Suicide
“Whatever approach is taken when explaining suicide to children, they need to know they can talk about it and ask questions whenever they feel the need. They need to understand they won’t always feel the way they do now, that things will get better, and that they’ll be loved and taken care of no matter what.”  Read more >

And here are a few more from headlines this week:

Grieving Robin Williams and Helping Others in Need, WBUR in Boston
“If we feel compelled to do something in memory of this man who made us laugh and who brought us happiness, let it be connecting with one other human being we care about, we have worried about, and whom we love.” Read more >

The Mystery of Suicide and How to Prevent It, Time.com
“Stopping people short of that point — or pulling them back from the brink if they’ve reached it — can sometimes be a matter of simple preparation.” Read more >

Suicide Warning Signs, USA Today
“So how do you know when a loved one needs help?” Read more >

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