A Place for Grieving Teenagers and Grieving Adults

Hello Grief offers a free online grief and bereavement community. for grieving teenagers, grieving young adults, and grieving parents.  Think Facebook for those with a loss, or those who help grieving children, teenagers, and families.

The online grieving community for grieving teenagers, grieving adults, and widows or widowers can be found here: http://say.hellogrief.org.

In the online grieving community, community members create profiles, share photos, connect via stories, create memorial walls, join and create groups, and seek support in the forums. 

The community also serves as a grief social network, where community members post photos, create friendships with other teenagers or adults who are grieving a loss of a loved one, comment on each other’s walls, communicate with other members via email, and learn first hand that they are not alone in their grief and bereavement.

But, the Hello Grief online community and social network also know that grief and loss do not define who we are. So, while it is a place to connect with others living with loss, groups and forum conversations are also formed around non-loss and non-grief related topics, such as hobbies, sports, volunteering, being a parent, being a teen, school, work, etc.  There is a forum for teens to talk about the death of their parent, sibling, friend, or other loved one.  Similarly, there is a form for parents who have lost a child or lost a spouse.  

Hello Grief also offers resources to help grieving teenagers, widows, widowers, and grieving adults with the death of their loved one.  Articles about life with grief are posted weekly and may be found here.   These articles are written by both bereavement professionals and a variety of other guest writers.  Article topics include: the death of a parent, death of a sibling,  death of a friend, dealing with grief in your life, coping with a loss, grieving as a teenager, holidays, milestones, and other topics.  Many articles include personal stories of loss.