Community Rules

Hello Grief is a supportive and understanding community open for anyone to join. The following rules are to help keep the community healthy and safe.

We each experience a variety of emotions during our grief journey, and Hello Grief is a place to express those emotions. Postings or images that could convey unhealthy behaviors or alarm users will be removed.

Be open minded, considerate, and kind.

Be respectful of everyone on the site—do not use abusive language or profanity.

Value the differences as well as the Similarities in our grief journeys.

Be accepting of all spiritual and religious beliefs. Please do not promote one belief over another.

Stay relevant to the conversation at-hand. Start new conversations by starting new Threads within a Forum.

Soliciting goods, services, or money is not permitted.

Remember that this is an open community, so keep Internet safety in mind, as with any other site.

It is the responsibility of the community to keep HelloGrief safe by notifying an administrator at Please email an administrator if you see any behavior or postings that could imply abuse, harm, bullying or unhealthy interactions.