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Children Grieve Differently — Common reactions from age groups

[1]Children grieve differently than adults. A grieving child will look just like any other child, but even though their grief may not be as outwardly expressed, it does not mean they are not grieving.

While each child will react differently to loss based on personality and age, these are a few common signs to help recognize grief:

At what age are children able to mourn? Grief author Alan Wolfelt said, “Any child old enough to love
is old enough to mourn.” Below are a few more signs of grief broken out by age.

Preschool (2-4 years)

Elementary School (5-9 years)

Middle School (9-12 years)

High School (12-18 years)

Note: Some children may have lost a loved one several years ago and are now just coping with feelings of not having a parent, grandparent or sibling, as they move into a new growth stage.

Grief does not have an end date, such as 6 months or a year. Grief is a life-long journey that will have highs and lows. It will ebb and flow, and will often be triggered by life events such as moving, graduation, weddings, etc.

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